Voice care, cure and education with the LAX VOX –tube and water

LAX VOX -tube in water

Marketta Sihvo, Ph.D., a Finnish speech and voice therapist, introduced her LAX VOX -method giving workshops at numerous international voice conferences since early 1991.

She got the idea to give her patients “tube and bottle” of water for phonating into water through a flexible silicon tube. Most of them were surprised, curious and liked it. In a few minutes the user can perceive the idea of healthy voice production. The tube is an easy tool to carry in the pocket or handbag and to be used to warm up and cool down the voice system before and after a demanding vocal task, or when necessary and for fun.




A new patented device designed to provide voice therapy and vocal humidification. This device is easy to carry and is safe to be used anywhere. It is intended to assist voice therapy and to serve as a supporting device for professional voice users. doctorVOX is designed to help to motor learning and cognitive processes involved in voice therapy and vocal training. doctorVOX provides instant humidification of the vocal folds. Additionally, herbal and medical products can also be used for inhalation.

doctorVOX uses the mechanisms of LaxVox Voice Therapy Technique for voice therapy and professional voice development. The main mechanism involves artificial elongation of the vocal tract and a secondary vibrating resistance.



  • Denizoğlu İ. Voice Therapies and lax Vox Voice Therapy Technique

    TURKEY, 9-10 December 2017

    Denizoğlu İ. Clinical Vocology Course, Holiday Inn Şişli, İstanbul
  • Denizoğlu İ. Lax Vox Voice Therapy Workshop

    ITALY 26-29 October 2017

    Denizoğlu İ. Lax Vox Voice Therapy Workshop, 11th Int. Course on Phoniatrics and Speech Therapy, Ravenna
  • Denizoğlu İ. Voice Therapy Masterclass

    BELGIUM, 31 August 2017

    Denizoğlu İ. Lax Vox Voice Therapy Workshop, PEVOC, Ghent
  • Denizoğlu İ. Voice Therapy and LVVT Masterclass

    SWEDEN 2-6 AUGUST 2017

    Denizoğlu İ. Lax Vox Therapy Workshop, ICVT, Stockholm